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Reitnouer Trailers

Reitnouer Trailers, Aluminum Trailers

Montana Peterbilt is a certified Reitnouer Aluminum Trailer Dealer. Contact Us today to find the trailer your business is in need of.

flatbed trailer


In 1982, Reitnouer introduced the first totally bolted aluminum flatbed trailer – an innovation that challenged the mindset of the entire trailer industry. Today, a Reitnouer trailer encompasses the design of choice for aluminum trailers. While our basic philosophy hasn’t changed, our aluminum products and Reitnouer trailers are continually evolving to meet your changing trailer needs.

We offer our MaxMiser model – a 90,000 lb GVWR* heavyweight aluminum flatbed trailer to meet most customers’ everyday needs. You get the unique bolted design of the MaxMiser, combined with innovative features. Trailer features such as a solid one piece cross-member reinforced with an inner extrusion that adds reinforcement between the main beams, and our sliding tie down system with four standard (and a fifth optional) tracks, to make sure you can chain at any location. The MaxMiser aluminum flatbed trailer offers a unique and wonderful combination of great pricing, weight savings, and longevity to your purchase.

Drop Deck

When you need a drop deck trailer, the Reitnouer aluminum DropMiser drop deck delivers the strength you need with the increased load capacity of an aluminum trailer. The drop deck utilizes a T-1 steel front gooseneck section bolted to an aluminum rear section that has eliminated the fatigue cracks common on aluminum front sections. An improved rear transition design eliminates the splice plate and improves the structural integrity of this crucial area of the main beams.

DropMiser, Big Bubba, and Bigger Bubba models are available in an aluminum drop deck trailer version. These Reitnouer drop deck trailers are available in tandem, spreads, or triple-axle configurations. Also, a two-position slider is available for those customers who need to travel through multiple jurisdictions where axle laws require different trailer axle settings.

drop deck trailer
b train trailer


If B-Trains are your tool of choice, our new and used Reitnouer trailers in Billings and Missoula have a combination that will work for you. B-Trains are available in lengths from 28′ to 32′, widths of 96″ or 102″, and with five-, six-, seven-, or eight-axle trailer designs. All combinations come with a T-1 steel designed stinger on the lead aluminum trailer. Adding high strength steel to only the area needed gives you the light weight and durability you are looking for in a high quality trailer. Lift axles, sliding axles, and steering axles are all readily available trailer configurations.


Two great multi-axle models to choose from at our truck & trailer dealership in Billings & Missoula. Montana Peterbilt has the multi-axle trailer to fit your requirements. Big Bubba will handle most multi-axle needs. But if size really does matter, then turn to Bigger Bubba, the big-boned member of the Reitnouer trailer family. All multi-axle aluminum trailers are available in three-, four-, seven-, and eight-axle configurations. Tri-nine and quad-nine designs are also available. All combinations are available with various assortments of trailer lift axles and steerable axles.

multi axle trailer