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Peterbilt Trucks

Since 1939, Peterbilt Motors Company has been manufacturing the popular line of Peterbilt Trucks we know and love that are offered at our Peterbilt dealerships. Peterbilt truck models range from medium to heavy-duty trucks, from class 5 through class 8.

How Many Peterbilt Truck Models Exist?

Since the inception of the Peterbilt brand, the company has manufactured around 40 unique models of Peterbilt trucks. Initially, the truck model numbers began by using a “2” for single drive rear axle models, and a “3” for dual drive rear axle models until 1981. Peterbilt eliminated this format of naming Peterbilt trucks around the late 1970s.

Historical Peterbilt Trucks

Several Peterbilt trucks have been featured in well known past films, which helped to boost their popularity. For example, the classic 1950s Peterbilt 281 with the narrow-nose butterfly hood was featured in Steven Spielberg’s thriller Duel in 1971. In the 1982 TV series Knight Rider starring David Hasselhoff, the Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker was featured as the armored truck Goliath.

In 1986, Peterbilt introduced “The Successors” trucks. These included models 357, 375, 377, and the Peterbilt 379, the legendary truck model that became the most popular owner-operator truck in history.

The Peterbilt 379 & 389 Models

Moving down the timeline, the 379 replaced the 359 in 1987, going on for a 20-year run and becoming Peterbilt’s flagship truck until 2007. A unique version of the Peterbilt 379 portrayed Optimus Prime in the first three Transformers movies.

Introduced at the Mid-America Trucking Show, the stylish Peterbilt 389 rose to popularity around 2008. The Peterbilt 389 truck model included the longest hood ever offered by Peterbilt, with new headlamps and a cool wraparound design. The 389 also includes the same popular truck configurations from the 379 model.

In 1999, Peterbilt introduced Model 387, Peterbilt’s first integrated cab and sleeper truck. The 387 has been one of the most aerodynamic and advanced truck design to date for the company.

The New “5” Series Peterbilt Trucks

More recently, Peterbilt has manufactured the luxurious, efficient, and productive “5” truck models, including the 587, 579, and 567 models. All 3 in the “5” series offer spacious cabs packed with driving and sleeper amenities. The Model 587 is the first truck in the industry to become standard with air disc brakes. The Peterbilt 579 is Peterbilt’s latest aerodynamic truck model, classified as the most cost-effective Class 8 Peterbilt truck to date. The 579 is also Peterbilt’s most advanced vehicle ever.

Peterbilt drivers helped to design the 579 through interviewing and testing phases. Similarly, the Peterbilt 587 provides a spacious, ergonomic cab interior with many features for added comfort and convenience. Third, the 567 Peterbilt truck has been designed using quality construction with high durability standards for harsher, rugged use cases like logging and construction.

Pete Trucks for Every Driver

As you can see, there’s been many Peterbilt truck models manufactured over the course of the company’s history, and all created for specific use cases. Interested in finding out more about the Peterbilt trucks available at one of our Peterbilt Dealerships? Give us a call! We’d be happy to help.